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motherhood unstuck

Finally! A Proven Way To Create Real & Lasting Work-Life Balance...

Without Needing More Time

So That You Can Be A Kick-Ass Mother While You Build Your Business or Scale Your Career

Let's Get Started

So, You Are A Woman Scaling A Career Or Building A Business...

And You Are A Mother

And, while these two roles are totally different, everything you do is entwined with being a Mom. 

You can never let that part of you go...

But you are a go-getter with dreams and ambitions for yourself!

Break Out The Champagne, Mama, Because You Are Awesome!!!

You are putting in the hours, the passion... You may even have a Business Coach or doing all the continued professional development for your career. And you are moving up in the ranks.

But to get to the next level you're going to need MORE TIME...

Because, somehow, motherhood still requires so much of you.

Your kids want your attention. They want you to play. You feel all the mom-guilt about taking time away from them. You still run a household and are the appointed CEO of All The Things and juggling all these balls is starting to do your head in.

Your work time infiltrates your family time.

Your family time infiltrates your work time.

You may feel all over the place, stretched thin and even a little overwhelmed. And now, you struggle to be the best version of yourself.

The last thing you want to do is give up on your dreams...

If you don't get your work-life balance sorted... You may have to :(

I Don't Want To Quit My Dreams. Give Me The Solution

It's no secret:

Your first priority as a mother is to be available and present to your kids...

That's what makes you feel good

Ditch the overwhelm and gain the energy you require to be the mom you dream of being!

mother playing with child mindful and present

How Many Times Have You:

  • Felt guilty for saying "no, I am busy" to the kids  

  • Been exhausted at the end of the day after being pulled in all directions

  • Been irritable and snappy at your partner or kids

  • Wished you had more time to spend with your family / focus on your business

  • Considered holding off on your business plans until the kids are older

YES! That's Me! I Want My Balance Back

Welcome To

Back To Balance

The #1 Work Life Balance Course For Working Moms

Learn how to be present and available even when you are super busy. 

Find your calm and focus amidst the craziness of being the CEO of All The Things. 

Become intentional with your time so that you get back in control...

An easy-to-consume video series designed to get your balance back so you can thrive in motherhood and in business.

You may not know this yet, but mindfulness based strategies are the most proven & effective way of attaining true work-life balance by becoming more present and intentional

As a clinical psychologist with a decade's experience in mindfulness based strategies, I have tailor made a course designed just for you.

I know you don't have time for a complete schedule overhaul.

So I have hand picked tried and tested strategies that will get you exactly where you want to be without needing more time, or hours worth of training. 

Best of all... you don't even need to meditate (if you don't want to)

Back To Balance Is The Very First Training Of It's Kind That:

  • Provides easy to implement strategies that can plug and play into your daily schedule

  • Assumes nothing. Quickly takes you from knowing nothing about mindfulness (or believing it is not for you) to being more present, focussed and calm in  your everyday life

  • Teaches you how to be available & present with your kids even when you are super busy 

  • Harnesses your ability to keep your cool and respond with patience & calm.

  • Channels the fun & energetic mom you were meant to be

  • Actually increases the connection you have with your family

  • Creates more work-life balance as a by-product of showing up fully in your personal and business life

  • Shows you how it is possible to Be the mom you want to be AND be able to reach your goals

  • This Is For Me - Let's Go!

    Your Investment In Yourself

    I bet you spend money with ease on anything child related.

    And it is easy to invest in business/career tools...but when last did you spend money on your wellbeing?

    Getting your work-life balance right is paramount to your success.

    When you feel good about how you are showing up then you are able to move mountains. 

    Work-Life Balance means you create the time and freedom to focus on your family AND your business.

    How much is that worth to you? 

    Back to Balance is available now at the incredible value of just $97 USD $37

    Better yet... You get:

    Life time access: So you can complete the course at your convenience and return to it at any time in the future

    Money Back Guarantee: 100% refund if you complete the course and still found no benefits

    Additional Support: Join a private group for additional support and mentoring as you enter your mindfulness journey

    What You're Getting Inside The Back To Balance Course

    Short and easy to consume videos that you can fit into your busy schedule.

    PDF worksheets to compliment your learning.

    Simple strategies that can be implemented anytime and anywhere. 

      woman being mindful and present

      Module 1: Get Focussed

      Get a crystal clear understanding of mindfulness as it applies to YOU: A busy, working mother.

      Discover the 5 beliefs that could be sabotaging your ability to be present & mindful.

      Set up for a successful training. Use these strategies in your personal life, career, business and beyond to help you stay the course on any of your future goals.

      mother and child happy, present and mindful

      Module 2: Get Present

      Identify which category of mothering you fall into: "The Overwhelmed Mom", "The Unavailable Mom", "The Barely There Mom" or "The Connected Mom" (Hint: Once you know which category you fall into, you can easily identify which strategies you need to use to connect and show up the way you want to).

      Learn the "Minute to Calm" strategy so that you can take yourself from overwhelmed & stretched thin to calm & present in, literally, just a minute. 

      Discover how to ditch distractions and connect fully in small moments available to you with the "Be All Here" Strategy. Say farewell to mom-guilt & hello to being available when your family needs you most. 

      mother being mindful and calm while children play

      Module 3: Get Calm

      Learn how to use mindfulness with your emotions in 4 easy steps.

      Discover how to respond with patience & calm even when you feel frustrated & overwhelmed - Be the mom you want to be.

      Gain control of your emotions. As moms we can often feel triggered and impatient. These strategies put you back in the drivers seat of your responses to your kids and partner

      Discover strategies to help you soothe yourself when you are feeling run down, burnt out and overwhelmed.

      family mindfully playing and connected

      Module 4: Get Connected

      Six steps to creating a mindful family. Mindful families enjoy a peaceful environment, acceptance and a general connection that benefits kids and parents, alike. 

      Discover simple, age appropriate activities that you can use to connect with your kids more mindfully. Teaching your kids mindfulness gives them a jump start for life's challenges ahead.

      Explore 5 mindful games that you can play as a family. Increase your connection with one another and finally create the family you long for.

    What Others Have Said:

    "I find myself being a lot calmer. I am able to respond instead of react and I don't feel as guilty half the time... I make more time for myself and I am engaging in family activities properly instead of being distracted by the million things I need to do... I honestly feel like I am more organised. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and learning to be a better version of myself"


    "I am way more calmer and I am less stressed about not having time. I actually have time now for my family. My family have also noticed the changes in me & they love spending time with me when I listen to and understand them. I love having time to joke & play with them. It's amazing how active listening opens up so many possibilities for conversations & hearing others' hearts"


    Additional Bonuses

    So Much Value!!!!

    Trouble shooting Meditation difficulties

    Interested in meditating but have never managed? Find out what has been stopping you and how to overcome it. 

    Mindful Family Cheatsheet

    Use this cheatsheet as a family to set your intentions and visions in becoming more mindful. A great exercise for the whole family and get's you closer and connected in no time.

    Intentional Morning Template

    Use this template to get intentional about your mornings in a quick, no fuss manner. Get clear, get focussed, get intentional.

    "The guilt and resentment really disappears when I have meaningful connections with my family"

    'I feel super-human..."

    What Amazing Value!!!!

    Sign Me Up


    • Ambitious mothers who are working; creating businesses or scaling careers 

    • Women who want to have happy, nurtured families AS WELL AS successful businesses or careers

    • Super busy mothers who want to be more available & present with their kids 

    • Mothers who want to create closer connections in their families

    • Working moms who want to have more balance in their lives so they can be the mom they dream of being while also pursuing their goals


    • Mothers who feel they have enough time and work-life balance

    • Those mom's who don't see the value in connecting more fully with their kids and partner

    • Someone who is not interested in learning proven mindfulness based strategies 

    Before saying "Hell Yes", Here's What Others Have Asked:

    How Much Time Do I Need?

    The course is a total of 4 hours to complete (if you binge watch the videos). Each video is around 10 minutes and stands alone with an easy to implement strategy for you to get started with straight away.

    It is recommended that you take around 4 weeks to complete the course - trying out each strategy as you learn it.

    Do I Need To Change My Routine / Usual Way Of Doing Things?

    No! There is no need to change your lifestyle at all. The strategies are designed to fit into your daily life as it stands.

    You are encouraged to try the strategies anywhere and any time, as often as you like. You simply plug and play them into your day.

    Isnt This Just another Mindfulness Course?

    No! While the strategies taught are based on mindfulness concepts - the techniques taught go beyond meditation or "being still".

    The course teaches actionable strategies that are designed to get you connected and present. Being mindful is a side-effect of the strategies.

    I Have Tried Mindfulness And It Wasn't For Me - How Is This Different?

    The course teaches exact strategies that I have used as a busy mother to become more present & available with my family. I couldn't meditate and I did not think mindfulness was for me, either.

    After tailor making a practice to suite my needs, I finally saw how beneficial the strategies are...

    I am offering that same tailor made package to you.

    I Don't Think I have Enough Time To Do The Course

    Each video is just 10 minutes long. You can catch a video on the way to work, on a short walk, just before bed. The videos are designed to be short and easy to consume so you can fit them in anywhere.

    Meet The Founder

    Diante Fuchs, Founder of Motherhood Unstuck, is a Clinical Psychologist and ICF Qualified Wellness Coach.

    After 10 years of private practice work in her therapy practice she moved toward supporting moms who feel driven to achieve their potential, follow their dreams and feel fulfilled while still being the most awesome mom they can be... 

    Motherhood Unstuck is this dream where moms, like you, receive the support and guidance necessary to continue being AWESOME while also feeling fulfilled.

    Need Help? email hello@motherhoodunstuck.com